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Casting Process and Kit

  1. A Mama's Belly Casting Kit comes with complete directions and uses medical grade plaster bandaging to create the cast.
  2. First, prepare your materials: 1) lubrication for your belly, 2) cut bandages, 3) warm water in a bucket, 4) drop cloth, and a 5) camera!
  3. After cutting the plaster bandaging into strips, hold them between your hands and dip in warm water. Apply immediately to the belly and smooth.
  4. Lay the plaster strips across the belly, overlapping slightly. Jagged edges or any imperfections will be taken care of at Mama's Belly Inc.
  5. Continue applying and smoothing the casting gauze until entire belly is covered. Enjoy capturing this amazing moment and collaborating in creating an original work of art!
  6. Let your belly cast set until it pulls away on its own. Casting process takes less than 30 minutes and should be relaxing and soothing for both you and baby.  Every Mama's Belly bowl has a unique, one of a kind shape!
  7. To send your cast, simply pack it in newspaper, or packing popcorn, and send it through the post office. The shape is fragile but ships beautifully because it is so lightweight. Be sure to include your color samples, name, address and phone number when shipping your cast.
  8. All shipping and pricing information is on the Contact page.
  9. Kits are not sold separately. Full body casts and special requests available at additional charge.