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Frequently Asked Questions

A Mama's Belly casting kit lets you capture your beautiful round shape at anytime during your pregnancy. We send the casting kit to you and you send your belly cast back to us to be transformed into a Mama's Belly Bronze bowl. You pick the style of edge, engraving and patina you want for your Mama's Belly bowl and we create a one-of-a-kind work of art! Mama's Belly bronze bowls will last for generations, retaining all of their beauty, strength and resonant sound!

If you already have a belly cast and would like to create a Bronze Mama's Belly Bowl, then please contact us and we will be happy to work with you. Bowls can also be made from full body casts.

Is the casting process harmful to mother or baby?

Mama's Belly Home casting kit uses sterile medical grade casting material. This is a safe and tested material for topical use only! The casting material is fiber coated with plaster and ready to use. When using this material be sure and lubricate any area of your body that the casting material will come in contact with.

What is the warming sensation that happens during the casting process?

The plaster gauze cures rather than dries to harden, during this curing, as the plaster gauze is on your body there will be a slight warming. This is perfectly safe and will not become hot or in any way harm the baby; actually the baby may begin to move from all the warm rubbing attention!

How long does the casting take?

Once all your supplies are gathered and the plaster gauze is cut into strips the casting process itself should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes start to finish. Remember some of this may simply be drying time, so grab a stool if you need to sit and let your helpful partner clean up!

Do I really need to lubricate my belly for the casting?

ABSOLUTELY! The plaster gauze will stick to dry skin and hurt when pulled off dry, you could experience hair loss and red sensitive skin. When you lubricate your belly with a protective coating, your cast slips off with ease when dry without any pain or discomfort. Remember to coat all hair that your cast will come in contact with, if you donít the plaster cast will pull your hair very uncomfortably! The casting process should be painless and similar to using a facial mask; it will dry and pull away from the skin in the same way. The lubrications I have used with success are Johnsonís Baby Oil Gel, vaseline, Coconut oil, and Cocoa butter. Whatever you use, make sure it creates a nice waterproof coating on your skin, much like you might on a babyís bottom.

Can questions be answered over the Internet?

Absolutely! Mama's Belly will make every attempt to answer your questions as clearly and quickly as possible! We also enjoy your feedback, so please speak up; we would love to hear from you! Email us:

How do I decide my final finish?

This is where your personal choice comes in. Remember you are creating an heirloom, you may want to consider the sex of the baby or the time of year, perhaps it is a reflection of you and your mate with your favorite colors. Whatever you choose, if the motivation is love, the final finish will reflect it...

What do I do after I have created my cast?

Allow it to dry thoroughly. Although your cast is fragile it packs and ships easily. Pack your cast with packing popcorn or newspaper in a large enough box and send it back to Mama's Belly for finishing. Be sure and include your return address and finishing choice. Packing companies are also able to take care of all of this for you with costs ranging from $7.00 to $30.00 (US). Your cast is very light and should not cost much to mail. I have never received one that was ruined in shipping.

How much for a kit and a bowl? Do they come separately? How do I pay?

Kits and bowls are not sold separately. Mama's Belly bronze bowls start at $1400.00 (US). You can make a deposit or full payment here. Each style bowl may be colored with either glazes or patinas, many color choices are available or suggest your own.

What sound will my finished bowl make?

Each Mama's Belly bowl is unique so each has its own sound.